Change From A Sick Man To A Better Person

I always wanted to be successful in life, but I have been reading several things about changing your everyday life to the lifestyle of a successful person. But what does that entail?

Live A Successful Life

With everything I’ve read recently and over the years, living the lifestyle of a successful person is vague. There isn’t anything a successful person does differently than many people do. Maybe they have a great outlook on life, but plenty of people have that and aren’t successful.



I guess the main thing to find out is what is success? Is it having a good life? Is it having a great family? Or is it having money?

Everyone has a different opinion of what success is and how to achieve it. I think the main thing you have to figure out is what is a success to you.

How will you be successful? Some people aren’t given opportunities no matter how confident they remain, to be successful. It is similar to luck. Either you luck into it, or you don’t.

I think I’ve figured out what success is to me, and I’m doing a great job at achieving it – it doesn’t matter whether you’re sick or not.


How To Avoid Cancer?

Top 3 Ways To Prevent Cancer | A 48 year old overweight patient asked me if there was a test or supplement he could take to prevent cancer. My answer is summarized below

Some people are genetically blessed; they smoke two packs a day, drink a bottle of booze every night and live to 100 with minimal health issues. Some of us are genetically cursed; despite perfect self-care, we are riddled with significant health problems. Most of us are somewhere in the middle; how we take care of ourselves will determine our genetic expression of disease including cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

If you think playing the lottery is a good bet then don’t worry about how you take care of yourself. For the rest of us, here are your three best bets to preventing Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes:

1. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Growing evidence supports inflammation as the foundation upon which disease occurs in our body. Our nutrition is directly related to inflammation. Avoid the following to prevent inflammation: Processed foods, animal fat, cheap vegetable oil, simple/refined carbs (bread, pasta, rice, and sugar,) and alcohol. Instead, eat a Mediterranean or Zone diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, lean protein, and healthy fat. Add fish-oil to further help reduce inflammation.

2. Exercise almost every day. Exercise helps both mental and physical health. It does not have to be complicated. Even a 20 minute walk daily can make a big difference, so you have no excuse.

3. Get plenty of sleep. For an adult at least 6 hours a night is needed to help our bodies rejuvenate. Poor sleep is associated with high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

My advice is not rocket science, yet most goofballs ignore it! Your life could be in the balance. How do you want to play it?

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