Dangerous Dark Arts and Not to Be Imitated

On Earth we live in, various kinds of knowledge are very useful and interesting to study. Usually, when the higher the knowledge we learn, the more opportunities will be opened to live comfortably and calmly in the future. However, what about the knowledge that contains mystical things and smells magical? Although it is often considered misleading and causes many threats in the future, not a few people still believe in and even practice magic, especially black magic. Therefore, occult science cannot be underestimated by its existence. Witchcraft is believed to be the most dangerous black magic. It is said that the way witchcraft works is very mysterious, which even the most advanced medical can not analyze! A person who is exposed to knowledge will suffer and be in great pain. It is said that this knowledge will be even more powerful if the witch doctor gets, parts of the target’s body such as haircuts, nails, or even personal items such as photos, clothes, and others.

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Witchcraft is said to be the most terrifying black magic, which has succeeded in eliminating many lives in various ways. Among others, diseases caused by witchcraft are, such as vomiting blood, strange illnesses of unknown cause, and even the target can be made crazy. In the past, pellet science had so many fans, this knowledge was an instant way without having to bother doing extravagant things to get the hearts of those he loved. If it has been identified by this one spell, then any woman or man will bow to his knees and be very obedient to the user. It’s terrible, avoid black magic disturbances as well. Because belief or not believe such things are all around us.

People who study this knowledge will turn into terrible creatures when they are doing their practice. He will begin to terrorize anyone who has been considered a rival.