Do You Choose Block Fence For Your Home?

Pre-cast concrete has several advantages over other materials, including ease of processing, ease of installation, free of noise and dust pollution, and saving time. Pre-cast processing can make all parts of the building into concrete panels. If you need a Heras fencing hire, you can call us.

Fabrication of concrete panels is carried out in workshops or factories. The placement and connection are carried out in the field with the cast in situ process. The ease of installation triggered the factory to make additional products such as precast concrete fences.

Concrete panel fence is one of the products that was started to be developed by precast concrete manufacturers. The system is the same as a wall panel, which consists of a fence panel, blocks, and a cover between connections. The installation process is by making a block with placement according to the desired panel length, then installing a panel reinforced with a connection and locking.

At present, the use of concrete fences is still limited to buildings other than residential buildings, including industrial, commercial, or office buildings. Actually, this concrete panel fence has many advantages that may not be widely known by the public.

You can use a concrete block for many purposes. It is suitable for almost all building styles. Fences that are made of other materials can’t follow any style of design from the building. Such as hollow fences which are only suitable for modern building styles. The iron fence is only suitable for modern and classic styles. Wooden fences are only suitable for rustic-style buildings, and so on. For a modern house, the concrete fence can be designed using stucco decoration. Classic-style houses can use concrete panel fences with a predominantly curved shape. You can also decorate the fence with colorful concrete panels for a minimalist style house.