There Are 3 Tips To Make Your Law Firm Website Becomes Mobile Friendly

Before starting this discussion any further, there is one thing you should know. For how to create a mobile version of a law firm website, you need to master technical knowledge and skills first. It’s really fun to be able to learn and try new things. It’s just that optimizing a website for mobile devices is not easy for novice users. Therefore, if you are new to the law firm website optimization, we highly recommend that you hire AmazeLaw.

Here are three tips for making a mobile-friendly law firm website:

1. Start by making a mobile version of the website first

Usually, people develop websites for larger devices, for example, PCs or laptops. This action was not wrong. However, the problem will arise when you have to optimize the law firm website for users of smartphones and other mobile devices. This is because website optimization on a smaller screen, for example, a smartphone or tablet, is much more difficult than optimization on a larger screen.

For this reason, we recommend that you create a mobile design first. After successfully designing an attractive and functional website for smartphone users, then you move to the law firm website display for a bigger screen.

2. Convert Desktop Version Site to Mobile Version Site

If you currently have a fully functional desktop version of the site that is not yet optimized for mobile devices, then it’s time to convert your site to a mobile version. There are two ways to convert your site, namely by using an online converter service and a CMS plugin.

3. Using Responsive Themes

Responsive design will automatically make your law firm website a mobile-friendly website. Later the website will have the same and consistent appearance both on desktops and smartphones. There are tons of responsive WordPress themes available that are worth trying out. Most of the themes can be installed directly without having to make a payment first. Even though it’s free, its performance can be compared to a paid theme.

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