Tips For Caring For Wooden Furniture

Treatment for furniture with wood material is not as easy as caring for plastic or iron furniture. Because it is made of organic materials, caring for wooden furniture requires special care so that it is not exposed to mold, termites, or even rot. If this happens, pest control columbia sc is ready to help you. If you give it the right treatment, the high-quality wood material will last longer go to my site.

5 Tips for Caring for Wooden Furniture:

1. Add footwear to furniture
This furniture footwear is sold in the market at relatively cheap prices and in various shapes and sizes. This furniture footpad is very easy to install, just stick the glue part on the cleaned furniture leg. This layer of furniture footwear can protect furniture and floors while preventing friction stains on parquet and marble floors.

2. Lift the furniture when moving it
Make sure you always lift furniture when you want to move it. Lift the furniture on the stand or both sides. In addition to damaging the floor, the habit of dragging tables and chairs is at risk of damaging chair joints and eroding furniture legs. If the furniture joints are cracked or damaged, the function and safety of the furniture will be reduced. So from now on, let’s lift the table, chair, or cupboard when moving it.

3. Put it in a dry place
When creating the interior design of a room, you have to take into account the position of wooden furniture. The wood material must be at the right temperature and in a dry room. Heat can dry out the wood and shrink it, causing cracks in the wood layer. Likewise, humid air can provoke mold or even termites which can damage furniture.

4. Clean with a wood material cleaner
Clean wooden furniture regularly or immediately when it comes in contact with water droplets. Use a wood material cleaner to remove stains, and not cause more fatal damage. Avoid cleaning wooden furniture using chemical liquids because its harsh nature can damage the wood surface.

5. Cover with furniture gloss
To keep the wood material shiny with the right humidity, don’t forget to add furniture gloss. This furniture upholstery fluid is available in various types of cleaners, it can be liquid, oil, or lotion. Use a soft cloth to scrub and coat the surface of the furniture. You can also repaint wooden furniture that already looks dull.

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