Website Design Mistakes that Ruin Your Website

Sometimes, we will find a page that says “404 error pages” and it is certainly very annoying for your website. You must be absolutely sure that all functions of your website are running well. And if there is a function that doesn’t work, include an interesting Broken Link page display and make visitors not leave your website but instead contact you immediately to fix it. Apart from that, there are a few other mistakes you need to avoid. You can hire DBL07 to avoid these:

Design that makes access slow
The design of a website must be made as attractive as possible. It aims to attract attention and create a big magnet for loyal visitors to your website. It is not uncommon for designers and developers to include an attractive design or visualization such as an animated image or sound. However, it is important for us to prioritize the convenience of visitors in accessing our website. Don’t let your beautiful animation make website access slow or even inaccessible. Visitors will be lazy to continue accessing your website. Minimizes the use of Flash and other heavy animations.

Not “up to date”
As the world of technology develops, the forms and types of designs will also continue to develop. That’s why website designers must be able to keep updating on website design developments, and then apply them to websites that are being built. Don’t bore your visitors with that same design.

Difficult to find navigation
A website is a means of delivering information that is familiar to the public. The ease of getting information is supported by how a website can display a menu to access that information. The navigation required by each type of website must be designed to be attractive and easy to use. There are no visitors who feel at home for long when the website they see is only a display website but does not make it easy to access other menus.

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