You Can Do These Steps To Cultivate Green Peas

Many people consume green peas, given the many benefits that can be taken from these green peas. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you want to cultivate this green pea plant. However, several things must be fulfilled when cultivating green pea sprouting seeds.

The following are the steps for cultivating good green peas:

1. Prepare a suitable planting area

Before planting green peas, prepare the planting area that has been cleared of weeds and other nuisance plants, because this can inhibit the growth of green peas.

Plow or hoe the soil as deep as 30 cm, then flatten it again so that the soil becomes loose. It is recommended to choose land that is in the highlands of at least 700 masl or more. Also, good soil for growing green peas has a pH of 5.5 to 6.5.

Make a raised bed on the planting area with a width of 80 cm and a height of 30 cm, adjusting the length of the planting area. Leave about 20 to 30 cm between the beds, which are used to make trenches.

2. Prepare the green pea seeds

Seeds for planting green peas must be of good quality by selecting pods from healthy plants. It is good to take the seeds from green peas when the pods are 3 to 4 months old, then dry in the sun for 3 days until the water contained in them decreases.

3. Green Pea Planting

Green Peas can be planted directly from seeds soaked in water so that the germination process will speed up.

Make the planting holes about 1 to 2 inches deep and leave them about 15 to 20 cm apart. Each hole is filled with 2 green pea seeds and you must wait for 5-7 days, the seeds will grow. This plant is better planted in the rainy season.

4. Do Good Care

As with other plants, cultivating green peas also requires care. Like weeding 2 times when the plants are 3 weeks and 6 weeks old. After that, make sure the soil remains loose so that roots don’t grow to the surface. Don’t forget to apply fertilizer.

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