You Can Do These Tips To Secure Your Home During New Year Vacation

During the holidays of Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021, many people will leave their homes for homecoming or spending time outside the city. Many are starting to get busy planning their vacation agenda, such as looking for vacation destinations to preparing items to bring. However, because of their busy schedule, eventually many forget to condition the house to be left in a safe condition. Cases of theft, burglary, and house fires often occur during long holidays. This can happen because the owner of the house is negligent in securing his house. That’s why you might want to improve your home security by hiring a locksmith near me.

To avoid this, there are several tips to secure your home while on vacation:

Cancel the delivery service, and any services

Cancel all shipping and any services. For example, delivery of goods, food, or mail addressed to your home address. By canceling the delivery service and this service means that you have secured your home, especially from strangers or strangers. Also, it minimizes the risk of the items you ordered is lost or wrongly shipped.

Tell the neighbors next door

Talk to your next-door neighbor. Tell them that you are going on a vacation out of town. That way the neighbors can know where you are going. This is very useful for informing information when someone or a guest comes to your house. Also, you can ask neighbors to let you know when something happens at home. For example, electrical short circuits, fire, or flood.

Make sure the electricity in the house is not functioning

Before leaving, you also need to ensure a certain amount of electricity in the house including items that are electrified such as TV, washing machines, computers, and others. Then you can unplug all the electronic goods cables that are still connected to the electricity. This is important so that the possibility of a short circuit can be anticipated. If there is still electricity for lighting needs so that the house remains on, make sure the cables are still in good condition, not torn by rats. Then, if your house is in a flood location, the cables can be moved to a higher place to prevent an electrical short circuit.

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